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Hail the Gree, a Silent Five, 
For when the world is lost and dry, 
They will remain, they will not die, 
Though we, their servants may. 

Hail the Gree, a Silent Five,
For when our life is o'er and done, 
They will remain, like moon and sun, 
Though we like dust, away. 

Hail and well met all that have come to visit this page!

Here, for your reading pleasure, you will find the first seven chapters from the book Stormwalkers. Here you will also discover other content revolving around the land of Kelidon: maps, designs, concept art, poetry and a compendium which will be ever growing as the series expands.

Take your rest and enjoy our gift to you and when done, please spread the word about what you have found here.

In all of your travels may you find solace within the mighty care of the Silent Five. The Gree be with you!